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Three matches played on Saturday and Sunday got Nightmare week 27 under way. Man City v West Ham being cancelled on Sunday will have disappointed a load of Nightmare Managers with West Ham boys in their ranks. This Nightmare week runs until next Monday.
Sunday's postponement of Man City v West Ham has hit Keep Calm And Mhkitaryan hard, in the short term at least. Keep Calm were expecting big things from recent signing Aaron Cresswell, to add to his 12 points in 2 games since joining Keep Calm. The Last Minutes' Philip Billing picked up 3 points, meaning Minutes are our provisional leaders, 7 points ahead of Mhkitaryan .

3rd placed The Magical LOEs are the second top scorers of this Nightmare week with 20 points, moving them within 12 points of Keep Calm. However LOEs have only got three players that can add to this Nightmare week's total, while Keep Calm have six and The Last Minutes seven.
TOP TEAMS this week
Schoolboy Errors
Oliver Willingham
The Last Minutes
Patrick O’Reilly
The Muppets
Richard Hancy
Breasts Go Pop!
Anna Millen
Losers unitex
Simon Gunn
TOP PLAYERS this week
Hamza ChoudhuryLEICESTER CITY12
Adrian MariappaWATFORD11
Fredric GuilbertASTON VILLA9
Martin DubravkaNEWCASTLE9
Jamaal LascellesNEWCASTLE9
NIGHTMARE SOCCER - free fantasy football with a sense of humour
he's having a nightmare!
As football fans we’ve all experienced that feeling of exasperation when your star striker misses a sitter, puts a penalty past the post or just goes missing for 90 minutes. The sudden onset of desperation when your centre back nods the ball over your ‘keeper into his own net, and the deflation when your captain is sent off for a silly second yellow just when it looks like your team’s getting back into the match.

Well now you can turn these Nightmare events to your advantage... play Nightmare Soccer now!
what's it about?
Nightmare Soccer challenges you to pick the worst team possible from the Premier League. Pick your selection of unlikely lads to make up your Nightmare 11 - then sit back and watch them perform... disastrously, you hope! You gain points from your players’ misfortunes - if your forwards can’t score, they’ll be doing well in Nightmare Soccer. If your goalkeeper is conceding lots of goals, he’ll be a Nightmare star too. It’s all quite simple - the worse your Nightmare 11 perform, the more points they get. So every time one of your players ‘has a Nightmare’ you can look forward to a successful week in Nightmare Soccer.
what does it cost and what can i win?
The rather sad hobby of one man for 20 years now, Nightmare Soccer is just for fun. It’s completely free to play and there are no big cash prizes to win. Our big winners receive an engraved Nightmare Soccer pint glass to commemorate their achievements; other prizes include mugs, key rings, pens, mouse mats etc.
build your unique Nightmare 11 in the player auctions
Did you ever play a fantasy football game, have an amazing week then find out your best mate’s got all the same players that did so well for you? Would Harry Kane have been so effective last season if he was playing for 13 teams each week, as he was in the fantasy mini league I took part in? When you enter Nightmare Soccer your team is allocated into a division with a maximum of 16 teams and we start the season with a bidding war, the gloves come off as you fight it out for the players you want. Safe in the knowledge no-one else in your division has any of your players, you really can enjoy your Saturday night on that magical day when one of your Nightmare boys misses a penalty, scores an own goal and gets sent off.

Once the season starts, you can change your team whenever you want, but you will only be able to buy players who are not already playing for another Nightmare 11 in your division. A new signing starts playing for you from the start of the next set of Premier League matches - so if you buy a player once a weekend's set of fixtures is already under way, he won't score any points for your Nightmare 11 until the next set of matches.
promotion, relegation, cup competitions and even the Nightmare Soccer champions' league
Because your team competes in a realistic size division, Nightmare Soccer gives you the extra challenges of aiming for promotion, to avoid relegation, and to qualify for Europe. Finish high enough in your division and you could qualify for the Champions’ League or the Eur’opeless League the following season.

If you’re awful enough to qualify for Europe, your team will go head to head with another Nightmare team on Champions’ League and Eur’opeless League match days. Unlike other competitions where head to head ties usually end in ridiculous results like 64-42, our innovative ‘goal scoring’ system means match scores are realistic and there’s a fair chance of ties ending in a draw.

Our domestic Cups follow the same format… the Sweet-FA Cup is our version of the FA Cup.
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Week 26 - single point separates top 2
Week 25 - just the one match
Week 24 - Minutes move between 10
Tim KrulNORWICH1083
Ryan BertrandSOUTHAMPTON1075
Max AaronsNORWICH1063
Jan BednarekSOUTHAMPTON105
Wilfried ZahaCRYSTAL PALACE1003
Gerard DeulofeuWATFORD993
Abdoulaye DoucoureWATFORD93-1
Jefferson LermaBOURNEMOUTH91
Callum WilsonBOURNEMOUTH911
Kenny McLeanNORWICH914

View full player list
Joe GomezLIVERPOOL-13-3
Virgil Van DijkLIVERPOOL-10-3
Sergio AgueroMAN CITY-8
Eric BaillyMAN UNITED-3-3
Sebastian Prodl.NO LONGER IN PREM.-1
Japhet TangangaTOTTENHAM-1